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  • Are there scholarships available?
    The scholarship model at CINTIMA is currently in development.
  • I've completed trainings with other organizations, can I pick up where I left off at CINTIMA?
    We recognize that certain aspiring IC’s have taken courses at other training organizations. While we don’t allow trainees to bypass any of our curriculum, we will be offering concessions for these cases in the near future. If this is you, please reach out to us directly at .
  • I have years of experience in the industry, is there a fast track for certification?
    We recognize that some of you interested in becoming trained Intimacy Coordinators are seasoned industry professionals. We still require you to take our courses from the beginning.
  • Are the courses on-demand? When can I start working through the modules?
    CINTIMA Module I will be available starting July 3rd. Trainees will have lessons released to them twice weekly, and will need to complete each lesson and the respective assessments before moving on to the next chapter. Once a lesson is dropped, trainees can take these lessons at their own pace, whenever is convenient for them.
  • I am already working as an Intimacy Coordinator sometimes, do I need to stop accepting IC work while I'm studying at CINTIMA?
    Yes. We require that anyone training with us not take any work as an Intimacy Coordinator while they are enrolled in our courses.
  • Is this program available to people located outside of the U.S.?
    Absolutely, we welcome anyone to take our courses. While we are accredited by SAG-AFTRA here in the United States, we cannot speak to local rules governing film sets in other parts of the world. Also please note that while the first three modules are online, in order to complete the course you must attend the live workshop in Los Angeles. When you move on to certification and mentorship, this can be done remotely. Please note classes will be conducted in English.
  • Do I need to take the courses in order?
    Yes, currently CINTIMA requires that all trainees take our courses in order.
  • Can you explain the criteria for the 10 days of on set experience that is required? Do they all have to be paid days? Does it matter what position I worked?
    We will need proof that you have spent our required minimum of 10 days on set. You can provide call-sheets, pay stubs, or a letter from a producer, UPM, or your hiring Department. Please include the name of the production, where it was shot, your role, and the production budget tier. You can have experience in any department, behind or in front of the camera, above or below the line, as long as you have had access to set during your time in production. The ten days on set do not need to be paid days per se, however we will need to have proof that you were indeed on set for a minimum of 10 days. Reels will not be accepted.
  • Is the final film project part of the training track or the certification track?
    The final film project is part of the certification track, and happens after Modules I-IV are complete.
  • Are the dates for the 4-Day Choreography Workshop set yet? Will it be in 2023?
    The dates for Module IV: The Choreography Workshop have not been announced yet. We will likely be offering the choreography workshop four times a year, but this is subject to change based on student demand. We will be taking into consideration where trainees are coming from, and giving ample time to prepare for the trip. Once this information is available we will make an announcement across all of our platforms so you will not miss it.
  • How long is the course from start to finish?
    The course work is roughly 60 hours, and the choreography is four days in LA. We have projected that someone could potentially finish both tracks in nine months, give or take, but that is not guaranteed. It will depend on factors such as personal motivation, amount of time dedicated, ability to attend the live ama’s, when trainees can attend the live workshop, and their ability to secure a job on which to be mentored in the certification process.
  • My experience is in theatre, not film or television; would my threatre experience count toward my days on set? Do you offer Intimacy Director training?
    CINTIMA does not currently offer training for theater or live performance, and days on a theatrical set will not count towards the required 10 days on a film or TV set.
  • Once training and/or certification is complete is there any guidance on how to get into the IC field and apply for work? I'm curious how newbies break through and if there is any help with that?
    We would like to build our online community of students and guest instructors to be a resource for work. That said, much of this industry is connections, so while we cannot place graduates in work, we will serve as a resource and continue to build on aspects of the community such as job postings. In addition, this is a new field, with limited jobs. Your ability to find work will depend on your connections in the film and television industry and well as your independent initiative.
  • Outside of the coursework, what else is needed to become certified?
    In addition to training in the industry standards and protocols for the use of Intimacy Coordinators set out by SAG-AFTRA, IC’s need to obtain a National Council for Mental Wellbeing certification in Mental Health First Aid, and provide a clear Federal Background Check (convicted Felons and Sex Offenders will not be eligible to work in this field). You must be 21 years or older to apply.
  • Does the certification expire?
    As the industry continues to evolve, we will be updating our course material, and you will have lifetime access to the material. While our certification doesn’t expire, we require that anyone trained by CINTIMA stay current on industry standards and up to date with regulations and the evolving nature of this field.
  • What happens if I don't pass the certification?
    To become CINTIMA Certified, candidates must have successfully completed the CINTIMA Training Track followed by successfully completing the Certification Track. This includes successfully passing the final film project, mentorship and the one-on-one performance assessment. Successful passing of the final one-on-one performance assessment. If a student is unsuccessful in passing the one-on-one performance assessment, the student will be given actionable steps to take. Upon completion of these steps, students will be eligible for ONE Reassessment. Unsuccessful passing of the Reassessment will mean the student will NOT BE CERTIFIED BY CINTIMA.
  • Does the mentorship include assistance finding work as an Intimacy Coordinator?
    CINTIMA is not responsible for finding anyone work, and will not be placing anyone in jobs. Our intention with developing this community is that trainees can build connections among themselves so that students may be a resource to each other during the course and beyond. Of course, the instructors will do our best to be resources in this capacity as well.
  • Once I complete the CINTIMA program will I be eligible to work as an IC? I want to make sure I won't need to take any other classes outside of the CINTIMA program.
    In order to work on set, IC’s need to have: Training in the industry standards and protocols for the use of Intimacy Coordinators set out by SAG-AFTRA. Completed and received a certificate in Mental Health First Aid Provide a clear Federal Background Check, available at Training IS required to work in the field, Certification is currently NOT required to work in the field. CINTIMA Modules I - IV offer above and beyond the industry standards for training that one would need in becoming an IC. Once CINTIMA Modules I - IV are successfully completed, trainees will be given a completion of training credential. CINTIMA also offers access to a Mental Health First Aid Certification course that is designed by an APA and National Council for Mental Wellbeing certified group of psychologists specifically tailored to our students and our industry. Students can opt to take our MHFA course, or take any other NCMW certified MHFA course that they wish. We are currently offering ours in our special course bundle. After successful completion of training, If trainees wish to continue to our Certification Track, we offer the mentorship and guidance to become CINITMA Certified. While the Certification Track is included in our current special course bundle, it's important to note that just like any educational institution, certification is earned only upon successful completion of the course and assessments therein.

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