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Intimacy in Action Films

- Foxy Brown (1974) - The fabulous Pam Grier stars in this famous "Blaxploitation" film. She plays a voluptuous vigilante that takes a job as a "high-class prostitute" to get revenge on the mobsters who murdered her boyfriend.

- Bound (1996) - BOUND is what happens when fairytale romance meets the blood and violence of film noir. This neo-noir crime thriller features a lesbian romance along with elements of crime and action. Bound is sexy, scary and everything in between; starring Jennifer Tilly & Gina Gershon.

- Wild Things (1998) - A crime thriller with some iconic intimate scenes which were controversial for the times. How things have changed! Starring Neve Campbell, Denise Richards, Matt Dillon, and Kevin Bacon.

- Die Another Day (2002) - Determined to get revenge, Bond (Pierce Brosnan) goes head-to-head with a sultry spy (Halle Berry), a frosty agent (Rosamund Pike) and a shadowy billionaire (Toby Stephens).

- Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005) - This action-comedy centers the passionate & tumultuous relationship between two spies, played by Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

- The Killer Inside Me (2010) - This darkly disturbing thriller set in Texas is based on the 1952 novel with the same name. When the son of local wealthy mogul is found dead with the beaten body of a local s-x worker, suspicion falls onto the Sheriff- who is revealed to be a cunning, sadistic sociopath. Starring Casey Affleck, Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson.

- Fatal Affair (2020) - A public restroom is definitely not the sexiest of hookup locales, but Nia Long and Omar Epps make it look good in this story story of a woman (Nia Long) who reunites with an old friend (Omar Epps) while at work. After some charming conversations with the new man and her unhappiness with her current marriage, she gets very close to cheating but stops just short of completing the act.

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