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SWers & Intimacy Coordination

Sex Workers, specifically porn performers, have unique insights for intimacy coordination. Intimacy coordination is a relatively new role in the film and television industry that aims to facilitate safe and respectful on-screen intimacy. Someone with experience in the pornography industry could be an asset to intimacy coordination in any & all of the following ways:

1. Understanding of on-screen sexuality: Someone who has worked with experience in the adult pornography industry may have a deep understanding of on-screen sexuality, including the physical choreography of sex scenes, as well as the emotional and psychological dynamics at play. This knowledge could help be an asset to intimacy coordinator communicate more effectively with actors, directors, and other crew members about what is and isn't possible or comfortable on screen.

2. Knowledge of sexual health & safety: The pornography industry has a well-established culture of sexual health and safety protocols. Someone who has worked in this industry will have a deep understanding of these protocols and how they can be adapted to the film and television industry. This knowledge would be especially useful in ensuring that actors are protected during intimate scenes.

3. Ability to communicate sensitively: The adult industry requires clear and direct communication about boundaries and consent. Someone with experience in this industry will be very comfortable with communicating in a confident, clear, and open way when discussing intimacy and sex scenes with actors and other crew members.

4. Experience with different bodies & identities: Pornography often features a diverse range of bodies and identities. Someone with experience in this industry may be more comfortable and knowledgeable about working with actors who have different bodies or who identify as LGBTQIPA+

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